Executive Summary

Ginger Lehmann Ltd is a specialist highway surveying company, providing a complete range of services to Local Authorities including CVI, DVI, FNS, SCANNER and Asset Video and Inventory. In addition to our surveys we provide accredited UKPMS data capture software, and have an experienced team of GIS technicians who are on hand to help our clients to utilise data to the maximum. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and moving forwards with constant improvements in technology from our Research and Development team.

Ginger Lehmann Ltd is part of Groupe Ginger, a French-based engineering and infrastructure services provider that, as a leader in prescription engineering in France, serves a variety of public and private sector clients in construction, planning, and sustainable development. The Ginger Group and its subsidiaries employ 1,700 people worldwide and with over 60 areas of expertise, Ginger has cultivated multidisciplinary skills and trades, in order to provide its customers with fully integrated solutions. The Group strives for technical excellence through a diversified, complementary and controlled range of services. To meet the most demanding needs and the challenges of the future, Ginger has put research and innovation at the core of its development strategy, an ethos shared by Ginger Lehmann Ltd in the UK surveying market.

Why Ginger Lehmann?

Delivering effective Asset Management is central to satisfying all Highways stakeholders and Ginger Lehmann have been providing UKPMS accredited condition surveys for over 20 years. Ginger Lehmann understands that holding quality data is central to delivering quality asset management and allows for detailed lifecycle planning and works programming, fundamental parts of planning forward maintenance in the most cost effective and efficient way.

The CIPFA Code of Practice and the latest Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Guidance both highlight a need for condition data to be available across all highways assets including carriageways, footways, and other highways assets such as street lighting, signs and gullies to name but a few. This is a fundamental part of being able to produce Gross Replacement Costs, Depreciated Replacement Costs, and Lifecycle Plans, all of which form key components of the latest HMEP guidance.

A good understanding combined with analysis of good quality condition data will allow Local Authorities to manage their assets across the network in an optimal way and Ginger Lehmann have found that effective Asset management can also enable authorities to leverage additional funding by demonstrating to management and council members the needs and benefits of investment into their highway assets. Ginger Lehmann can assist in this by providing you with quality data, which in turn provides the foundations upon which data analysis and effective decision-making depends.

Ginger Lehmann firmly believe that under tighter budgets, continuing to collect condition data is essential to help plan and prepare the most efficient and effective ways of using funding available to manage the highway network.

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