Our software and services are all underpinned by data driven asset management, meaning quality data is an essential ingredient. Ginger LEHMANN have been providing surveys for over 20 years and utilise this experience to ensure that not only are our surveys accredited but they provide the best quality data every time. From SCANNER through to visual surveys we apply the same intelligent approach to deliver robust data you can rely on for making maintenance decisions.

Asset video surveys

Quality asset data is a building block of any asset management strategy

How do you manage your assets if you don’t know where or how many there are? This is a fundamental question any asset owner must ask if they wish to follow an asset management strategy.

Our video surveys are undertaken using bespoke vehicles equipped with high quality machine vision cameras, allowing for fast and effective surveys on site. We post process using image understanding from our wider group, OMG. We deliver a full array of assets and attributes to any specification you require and provide advice on the best survey methodology to meet your needs.

Quality asset data is a fundamental building block of any asset management strategy, as are the processes that update it and bring it into inspection regimes. Ginger LEHMANN can provide you more than just a survey by working with you to help define the best specification, formats, and processes to deliver to your needs.

Scanner & tracs

A traffic speed survey will provide you with fast, efficient, reliable data

Whilst accreditation provides a minimum standard for the tolerances to which vehicles collect data to, a survey for Ginger LEHMANN is the sum of the service, processes and quality. Our attention to detail in all these areas is what makes us different in how we deliver for you.

Ginger LEHMANN understands the potential held within pavement condition data. Whether it’s rutting, cracking, texture or simply geometry, all this information can be turned into valuable guidance, enabling your future maintenance decisions and supporting an Asset Management approach.

We have improved and refined our practices and processes to ensure we can deliver effectively and keep you informed at all stages of the process. We offer transparency in the way we deliver data, ensuring you understand what has been collected and giving you confidence to use the data.

Ultimately we want our customers to understand, use and trust our data in helping inform future maintenance decisions. That is why we believe there is more to surveys than simply accreditation.

Skid resistance surveys

With skid resistance data we can help make your roads safer

Skid resistance surveys are an important part of improving safety on your road network. Ginger LEHMANN can provide a skid resistance survey using correlated survey vehicles to any survey method you require. In addition to high quality equipment correlated each year, Ginger LEHMANN has a team of experienced operators and processors to ensure we meet your requirements for robust and reliable data.

We will work with you proactively to advise the best survey method to fit with your policy. Throughout our surveys we follow processes developed over many years to ensure you are informed of progress and to ensure our delivered data is of the highest quality.

Our team of consultants are on hand post-survey to help you get the most from your skid resistance data. They can undertake site investigations through to complex data analysis and policy reviews to help you meet the needs of your road users and make your roads safer.

Visual surveys

Cost effective surveys for footways and road inspections

With tighter budgets and even tougher time constraints, getting the right data is essential to empower the right decisions. Visual surveys still provide vital information on Unclassified roads and Footways to provide robust data in planning maintenance within an Asset Management framework.

With over 20 years’ experience in visual surveying, Ginger LEHMANN has developed our offering ensuring we meet your needs. We use an experienced team of surveyors and software accredited to UKPMS standards to collect the data. We proactively manage each project with processes refined over time to deliver robust and reliable data. We understand communication is key and actively work with you to provide information on progress at each stage of your survey.

Ginger LEHMANN will work with you in partnership to understand your specific requirements and identify which visual survey will best satisfy your needs. Be it CVI, DVI, FNS or even something more bespoke, we have the experience and knowledge to help provide repeatable, robust visual survey data and enable you to make smarter maintenance decisions.

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